These terms and conditions define the rights and duties of passengers and the protections given to our staff and vehicles.

By purchasing a ticket to travel with us, you are deemed to be accepting these terms and conditions. Therefore, you are strongly advised to read them carefully. Particularly as the company reserves the right to deny travel to anyone in breach of relevant conditions, irrespective of whether they have purchased a ticket.


To help in understanding our T&Cs, please be aware of the following terminology.

The company – Heathrow Coaches Limited – Trading as Traveleuro Tours & Travels, a business registered at 49, Harlington Road, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, UB8 3HY, and subject to business trading laws in the UK and EU Passenger Rights Regulations.

Coach – any vehicle used by the company to transport passengers and fulfilling the contract of travel.

Contract – the legal relationship between the company and anyone who purchases a ticket, which extends until the date/time of travel has expired.

Luggage – all items carried by passengers, including suitcases, bags, sports equipment, pushchairs, wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Station – the agreed embarkation and disembarkation points, though the contract may not incorporate a specific location within or around that station.

Ticket – various forms of evidence of a contract, including electronic tickets.

Circumstances beyond our control

Heathrow Coaches Limited – Trading as Traveleuro Tours & Travels endeavours to provide its travel services as advertised including departure and arrival times. However, our contract with passengers can be affected by circumstances beyond our control, leading to delays or even cancellations. These include (not a full list): war or the threat of war; terrorism; severe weather conditions; severe road or sea problems; riot or local disturbances; fire, flooding or other damage at stations; changes enforced by regulatory authorities such as the Police, HM Customs or other Government agency; impact of cybercrime; vandalism; industrial action; unavoidable vehicle malfunctions; pandemics or other major health problems; bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of trade of a third party involved in delivering our services; any issue which reduces our ability to ensure passenger safety.


Your ticket entitles you to travel as detailed, including on the day and time stipulated. However, the contract can be affected by circumstances beyond our control and the special requirements detailed below.

Checking that you have purchased the correct ticket is your responsibility, and it remains your property.

If you don’t use your ticket on the day specified, it is void, and no refunds will be given. This includes if you arrive at your departure point late and miss the coach. A new ticket would need to be purchased for your new travel date.

However, you can cancel your ticket and have a full refund if you contact us 30mins before departure. Or, you can change the date of your travel if you contact us 30 mins before departure. After that time, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If you opt for a physical ticket, we reserve the right to refuse travel if it is damaged or tampered with, or you lose the ticket. However, contact us before the date of travel if you have concerns about this, and we will consider how we can assist you.

Heathrow Coaches Limited – Trading as Traveleuro Tours & Travels will at various times amend the cost of tickets, including providing limited-time discounts and special fares for some travellers (such as children). Please check these pricing variations at the time of booking. You can’t ask for any reduction in cost on the day of travel or afterwards.

Your journey with us

You will be required to show your ticket before travelling with us. Please be aware that any supporting documentation – such as passports for international travel – is your responsibility.

It is possible to reserve a seat at the time of booking your ticket. If you have not done this, the company’s obligation is to provide you with a seat, and we cannot guarantee or hold any particular location.

Special assistance passengers can be accommodated on our coaches by prior arrangement, including the provision of easily accessible seats.

All passengers must abide by our seatbelt requirements, stay seated as much as possible on the journey, and adhere to special requirements outlined below.

We provide short breaks on our journeys to protect passenger comfort. Your obligation is to return to the coach at the time specified by the driver. Failure to comply can result in the coach departing without you. This company is not liable for any costs/losses this incurs, or any distress caused to you or your party.

Please also be aware that apart from rest and refreshment stops, our coach service is non-stop. We cannot vary embarkation or disembarkation points.

Should you become ill on your journey and in need of an additional rest stop, the arrangements should be discussed with our staff and will be at their discretion.

Special requirements

The company reserves the right to refuse travel to passengers who are threatening or abusive to our staff. Or, who wilfully damage our vehicles.

We also do not permit passengers to drink alcohol on our vehicles and reserve the right to confiscate this until the cessation of the contract. Refusal to comply will result in a withdrawal of travel services.

The company expects passengers to be aware of the privacy and comfort of other travellers, including noise issues. Please ensure that children are helped to meet these obligations.

Please note that children below the age of 14 should not travel in seats near the emergency exits on our vehicles.

Your luggage allowance is two items in the hold (weighing a total of 35kg) and two smaller items that can be stowed easily. Other items, such as wheelchairs, can be accommodated. However, we reserve the right to refuse to carry items which are excessively bulky or which could pose a hazard, such as firearms, flammables or chemicals.


Company mandates on this issue are as follows. These are subject to change, in line with Government regulations to control the spread of the coronavirus.

All passengers must cover both their nose and mouth while onboard our vehicles. If you are exempt to wearing face-covering, we reserve the right to confirm this with you even if your reasons remain confidential.

You must not travel with us if you have any reason to believe you may have contracted COVID-19. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone showing outward signs of a severe temperature or unexplained cough.

All passengers will be asked to use sanitising gel on entering our vehicles.

All passengers must socially distance from others at all times.


Should you have reason to dispute our Terms and Conditions, please consult our complaints procedure.