About: Who are Traveleuro Intercity Europe?

About: Traveleuro provides a convenient low-cost coach/bus service between London and Paris and London, Brussels and Amsterdam. Despite our low prices, our coaches are luxurious in style, meaning that you will have a comfortable journey and wake up at your destination feeling refreshed.

We wanted to find a cheap but comfortable solution to travelling from England to Europe. That is exactly what we offer in our combination of luxury coaches and budget prices.

Here is what to expect when you book with us:

  • Comfortable, large seats for you to recline and relax in.
  • Crossing the sea either using the Channel Tunnel (which takes around 40 minutes) or ferry, where you can help yourself to food and drinks.
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi onboard.
  • PowerPoints by all the seats.
  • Enough storage for two cases per person, up to a weight of 23kg. An item of hand luggage that you can fit around your seat area in addition to this.
  • Forward-facing seats – if you pay a little bit extra, you can choose whichever seat that you want.

Traveleuro About Us

We offer a direct, non-stop service – this ensures that our buses arrive at their destinations on time, and helps our passengers have more comfortable convenient journeys. On the way out from London, you will cross the Channel early on in your journey, so you can use the rest of the time to catch up on some sleep. On the way back, you will be able to sleep right away before the Channel crossing early in the morning.

Traveleuro Intercity Europe is an excellent alternative to expensive flights! Be sure to keep checking back for new routes.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, getting between London and Paris can be a hassle.

Despite being less than 300 miles apart, services between the capitals can be unpredictable and slow. Luckily, things just got easier.

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